Training for professionals

We offer practical training for professionals

  • short courses with practical training
  • training mandates for companies
  • R&D internships


Next training

12-13-14 september 2017  Stage de formation "Microscopie à force atomique"

Practical AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy) training for professionals 3 days internship training for AFM users and future AFM users 

3 jours de stage pour des professionnels, utilisateurs ou futurs utilisatateurs de microscopes à force atomique

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Further training for professionals (Advanced Studies): Master of Advanced Studies Nano- & Microtechnologies (MAS NMT) 

Next courses: 

11.-14.07.2017 Imaging at the Nanoscale I
08.-11.08.2017 Sol-gel thin film deposition techniques & applications
05.-08.09.2017   Plasmonic nanoparticles and applications
17.-20.10.2017 Surface energy modifications: superhydrophobic & hydrophilic surfaces
07.-10.11.2017 Transparent Electrodes
05.-08.12.2017 Nano & Microfibers