Research & Development

With our team of engineers in electrical energy and nano- & microtechnology, chemistry & physics, we perform applied research in the fields of nanostructured materials and surfaces, nanocomposites, printing, coating and processing technologies, for applications in organic thin films, photovoltaics, sensors, MedTEch, active packaging, product security and traceability. 


Scanning Probe Microscopy (AFM, STM) 

            • Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy (roughness, grain size and periodicity analysis)
            • Electrical conductivity mapping, thermal conductivity mapping
            • Magnetic force microscopy
            • Nanolithography
            • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Nanostructured Materials and Surfaces

              • Polymer nanocomposites
              • Materials and ink characterizations for printing
              • Nanoparticles, plasmonic particles, nanoparticle inks
              • Thin film coatings, surface and thin film characterization
              • Flexible electrodes, transparent electrodes

Coating, Printint and Processing Technologies

                • Spincoating, drop casting, spray coating, electrospinning
                • Inkjet printing
                • Thin film interferometry, 3D profilometry, optical microscopy
                • UV, thermal, and plasma treatments
              • Photovoltaics

                • Electrical probing with AM1.5 solar simulator
                • Thin Film Devices (Organic Photovoltaics)
                • Molecular thin layers, transparent electrodes, nano-and microstructure analysis, thin films, absorbance spectroscopy, I-V characterization 

                Development of Measurement Systems

                • Optical, mechanical, eletromechanical and optoelectronic systems
                • Demonstrator development and pilot testing
                • User interface development - LabView