Instrumentation development

Together with industrial suppliers and developers of R&D instrumentation for nanotechnology applications we perform: 

  • - Early stage pilot testing during the development phase
  • - Design of experiments and routines for instrument validation
  • - Development of LabView routines or user interfaces
  • - Video recording of experiments for animated user application notes   

We guarantee professional confidentiality to our partners and are looking forward to discussing with your company about new opportunities to innovate together for best meeting the needs of your future customers in the field of instrumentation for nanotechnology applications and applied research.


With academic partners and companies we develop and improve measurement set-ups for R&D in applied nano & microtechnology in the context of R&D collaborative projects and through bachelor and master thesis projects (students of microtechnics, electronics, electrical energy, nano- & microtechnology):

  • - R&D laboratory instruments
  • - Experimental set-ups for training in nano- and microtechnology