Thin film & printing technologies

R&D and services in coating, patterning, printing, thin film & surface analysis 

Application fields:

                                • - Photovoltaics industry 
                                • - Medical devices and implants industry
                                • - Packaging, paper, food and cosmetics industry
                                • - Pharmaceutical R&D
                                • - Sensor developments

Coating, patterning & printing techniques:

                      • - spin coating, dip-coating, slit coating, doctor blading, spray-coating, electrochemical coatings
                      • - molecular self-assembly
                      • - inkjet printing, screen printing

 Thin film and surface characterization techniques:

                                            • Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM topography, roughness and defect analysis, phase contrast, nc-AFM, MFM, Kelvin probe,..)
                                            • - Optical white light interferometry (thin film thickness measurement, index of refraction, extinction coefficient)
                                            • - UV-vis-NIR spectroscopy(absorbance, transmittance, reflectivity)
                                            • - Raman spectroscopy
                                            • Fluorescence microscopy
                                            • Surface energy & contact angle measurement 
                                            • - Four-point probing (sheet resistance, electrical conductivity, I-V characterization)

Application example: Printing and micropatterning: 

 Inkjet printing of microstructures




Example: high precision thickness measurements of thin film coatings (dielectrics, polymers, oxides, semiconductors): 

 High precision measurement of thin film thickness

                                                      • - Thickness analysis in the range of 1nm - 70 μm
                                                      • - Wavelength dependency of the refractive index n and extinction coefficient K

We use Thin Film Thickness analysis regularly for: 

                                                                                                          • - R&D collaborations with industrial partners who wish to improve their products or steps in the fabrication processes based on a competent analysis of thin film thickness (dielectric coatings on glass or silicon wafers (photovoltaics, electronics) or on packaging materials (for food or pharmaceutical industry).
                                                                                                          • - Service for surface quality control of products (e.g. characterisation of the homogeneity of the film thickness, strain effects, ageing effects).
                                                                                                          • - R&D projects on material science research
                                                                                                          • - MNT training for professionals or advanced students in microtechnics or electrotechnics


If you need to characterize the thickness or optical transmittance of a thin film, or if you wish to receive a quotation about this or another service, contact us here.